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Pushers, plates, ejector pins, precision mold parts, stamps and marks, as well as nipples and couplings. These and other products of PROPLASTICA FCPK BYTOW have already conquered the Ukrainian market and have become widely known among the leading manufacturers of plastic products, both in Europe and in Ukraine.


The almost 100-years history of the Superior Die Set Corporation and their daughter PROPLASTICA FCPK BYTOW have earned both of them a reputation of the manufacturers that produce everything with a high quality and always on time. No wonder that the motto of the company is "quality on the agreed time" - "jakosc na czas".

  • The history of the company PROPLASTICA FCPK BYTOW in Ukraine began at the beginning of the 2000th. First samples, first prototypes, the very first exhibitions in Kiev and Kharkov, and at that time new partner KVOTA.... Today it is already a long-standing cooperation that has been tested for years.


After the collapse of the USSR, a lot of Soviet standardized (GOST) die sets, and components remained on stocks in Ukraine. Therefore, manufacturers have preferred to either use their own reserves and own capacities or even buy cheaper from China.


Despite this facts, the globalization of the economy and the high market requirements to the application of the international standards and improvement of products’ quality have allowed FCPK BYTOW along with HASCO, DME, Meusburger to find their own target audience. The last mentioned have increased their competitiveness and have ensured own access to the European and international markets by implementing international standards (mainly ISO) and using FCPK’s standard parts, components and plates of a high quality.


The success of any company on new markets largely depends on a reliable partner. In the case of FCPK BYTOW, KVOTA became such a partner and friend. Already for 16 years cooperating with each other we have been helping Ukrainian manufacturers to enter the international market through the use of high-quality normalized parts that meet the requirements of ISO.

  • Catalogs of FCPK BYTOW products are constantly updated on the website of KVOTA. Our managers are always ready to provide you with full information and necessary consultation about the products per phone (0352) 43-49- 25 or by e-mail to: kvotatr@gmail.com