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Machining, welding electric erosion and micro-welding of parts and plates


Production of punches, matrices, shaping the customer's drawings.







Performing electro works: burning on the metal copper electrode different shapes and designs according to customer's drawings.
Used machine electroerosive piercing type BP-97 in the following completeness:

- The machine BP-97 - 1 pce .;

- Swivel head to GO-1 machine - 1 pce .;

- Planetary head to the machine WS-1 - 1 pce .;

- Head for exhibiting electrode UR-1 - 1 pce .;

- Spare parts kit and tools - 1 pce.

Repair, recovery of molds, dies, formative surfaces: welding cracks, chips and other damage to ensuring the hardness of the material in inert gas (WIG-welding) on laser installation MICROSPOT.       MICROSPOT - welding system for fast, secure and reliable repairs exclusive with the most modern digital technology.    With MICROSPOT we can simply, safely and without great cost to save your mold, your stamp and other damaged parts.




Manufacturing of parts on CNC machines.

Establishment of the program for a machining center for the 3D model.




Design, engineering works:

- design and manufacture of molds and tools;

- selection normalized body parts (units);

- selection, calculation, manufacturing and introduction of hot runner systems.