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Means for lubrication and conservation

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  1. Silicone release agents
  2. Non silicone release agents
  3. Release agents
  4. Mold cleaners
  5. Anti-corrosion products
  6. Lubricants
  7. General use products



Means in liquids and pastesAmbersil Aerosols

  1. Rotation-forming products
  2. Lamination products
  3. Sealants
  4. General release agents
  5. Release agents for polyurethanes
  6. Release agents for rubber
  7. Mould cleaners and others

Polymer Remover

Polymer Remover Ambersil

  1. an extremely effective and powerful solvent blend, which has been developed for use on heavily
    soiled moulds and dies to remove a variety of moulding deposits;
  2. Will assist in the removal of plastics, rubbers and resin deposits, including:

    * ABS  * Acetals * Acrylates * PVC* Epoxy Resins (uncured) * Nylons * Polyamides 

    * Polystyrenes   * Polyurethanes * Rubbers* Silicone Resins;

  3. Also effective on other materials such as cellulose resins and alkyd resins;
  4. The product offers a controlled rate of evaporation for maximum efficiency;
  5. After cleaning, any residual solvent will evaporate to leave the surface clean and dry;  Aerosol, 400 ml. (12 pcs. package);


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  Metal Working  (45,5 Kb industrial MRO (60,1 Kb) Anti-Corrosion (44,1 Kb)
  Electrical  (40,3 Kb) Food, Beverage, & Pharmaceutical  (59,2 Kb) Adhesives & Sealants  (42,3 Кб)
  Tools for plastics processing  (0,14 Mb