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Plastics processing: plastics moulding under pressure (manual)


"Setting to a work of plastic moulding under pressure"

Authors: Henrik Zavistovski, master, engineer (Poland)

Shymon Zemba, master, engineer (Poland)                                      

Editor: Volodymyr Melykh (Ukraine)

Description: This book is a short guide for injection molding setters (operators.) Basically it provides information concerning activities related to the preparation of the moulding machine to work. The authors of this book have gathered indisputable facts and best practices, have organized and presented them in such a way that they are suitable for injection molding machines with a variety of control systems, regardless of manufacturer and product life cycle. But with one exception: in this manual you won't find archaic reciprocating screw injection molding machines and artisanal production, which in the past have been typically used as an equippement in various the companies. This manual will provide you with the detailed instructions how to launch a moulding process to produce plastic details under pressure.


Price - 200 UAH/pce.