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The induction sensors

They are made in sleeves, from 3 to М30 and in rectangular cases. An operative range up to 40 mm.A complementary input with full stability to short circuit.High stability of work, despite changes of environmental conditions, power supply and loading.A small hysteresis. There is also a variant in the solid case from stainless steel, completely hermetic, steady against mechanical damages. There are variants with DC and AC supply.

Induction intrinsically safe sensors

Sensors of series PCIN in sleeves M12, М18 and М30.
The Operative range to 15 mm.
All sensors PCIN are substitutes of sensors of type NAMUR and possess permissive properties GIG "BARBARA" ExiIICT6.



They are made in sleeves M18 and М30, and in rectangular cases in variants: reflecting to 2 m, reflecting with extinguish of background effect to 1 m, reflective to 8 m, a barrier in 50 m which co-operate with fiber and plastic optical paths:

  • To 100 mm for reflective optical paths,
  • To 260 mm for optical paths of type a barrier.

Universal, find wide application even in extreme conditions, thanks to application of silicone optical paths, sensors work at temperature to 250 °С.
Possibility of regulation by the educational button at prolongation of technological process.
Function of an unreliable operative range or pollution.

The capacitive sensor

They are made in sleeves from 6,5 to М30.
Operative range to 30 mm with adjustment possibility.Possibility of a finding of object through the case.Variantswith a powersupply DC and AC.



Motion inductive sensors

Wide application as sensors for tracking reduction or increase in revolutions or linear movement.

General provisions

  1. Inductive sensors
    The inductive sensors working on distance, are equipped by elements of automatics which react to metal in a zone of their action. Application of induction sensors in automatic systems allows to define position of moving parts of cars and the equipment.
  2. Motion inductive sensors
    Motion inductive sensors PCR are applied in the automatic systems supervising torque and linear movement and accordingly signal on change of revolutions and a condition of moving parts.
  3. Inductive intrinsically safe sensors
    Inductive intrinsically safe sensors PCIN working on distance, are applied in conditions where there can be a fire or explosion threat. An input signal of the sensor is a change of conditions of environment in which it works.
  4. Capacitive sensors
    Capacitive sensor, working on distance, are applied to definition of products from plastic, glass, a tree and metal.
  5. Optical sensors
    Optoelectronic sensors with automatics elements trigger at designing of a light beam from the transmitter to the receiver through a control body.
  6. Optical sensors of reflection
    Advantage of optical sensors of reflection is placing in one case of the transmitter and the receiver that considerably simplifies installation and sensor adjustment .
  7. Optical sensors of reflection reacting to influence of tone
    Optical sensors of reflection reacting to influence of tone almost equally work both on light, and on dark objects. Sensors of this type especially react to products from glass.
  8. Reflective optical sensors
    Reflective optical sensors require reflector installation on an axis of a radiated beam of light in front of the receiver. Advantage is the big radius of action, to 12 metres, and also absence of dependence on colour of object.
  9. Optical sensors type "barrier"
    Optical sensor type "barrier" consists of two independent devices - the transmitter and the receiver. Take places along one axis. The sensor reacts to the moving objects appearing in a zone of its action. Works on distance to 50 metres between the transmitter and the receiver.
  10. Accessories to sensors, inverters (frequency converters), electronic counters of impulses