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Production of molds for casting of plastic products


Production of molds


The production and design of molds is one of the prominent areas of activity of the company QUOTA. Having more & nbsp; than twenty years of experience in this field we provide services from 3D modeling to full launch of the mold into operation.

The proper functioning of the mold is the basis for the success of the production of plastic parts. Our colleagues at Superior Die Set Corporation have prepared a video on the proper functioning of the mold.

CAD / CAM CAD systems are used in the design of molds. Mold-Works mold design system for SolidWorks is designed to automate the work of the designer and perform the tasks of automated molding. Checking the mold for & laquo; leakage & raquo; material to be carried out on a computer using Mold-flow analysis. Leading software vendors in the design and manufacture of molds and dies are Unigraphics, ProEngineer, Cimatron.

If you are looking for a batch production of cast metal products or polymers or need a limited amount of parts for your own use, you have a project, layout or just an idea - contact us and we will implement them.

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