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Stretch (or stretch) film - the most popular packaging material for wrapping goods on pallets, both using special machines and by hand.

Stretch (stretch) film white, black, blue

The film is made using the latest extrusion technology on computer equipment using advanced quality control methods. The main material is LLDPE polyethylene. Stretch film consists of three layers: the base, which carries the main load, and two additional, which provide the adhesiveness of the film. Due to this, the highest indicators of the main parameters are achieved:

  • the so-called "reverse memory" - a few minutes after stretching, the film tries to return to its original parameters and shrinks, which provides a stable and tight packaging of products on the pallet;
  • adhesive effect - provides natural stickiness of polyethylene without the addition of glue, which greatly increases the density of the package, eliminates the possibility of recycling the film (does not lead to environmental pollution);
  • high transparency - minimal (not more than 1%) blackout allows you to read and scan the label of packaged products;
  • preservation of confidentiality, reflection of UV rays - black stretch film will hide the inscriptions on the packaging, will partially protect the goods from direct sunlight;
  • product appearance support - protection against dirt, moisture, condensate and dust;
  • low noise level when wrapping products;
  • improves working conditions at the site.


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