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Polypropylene packing strapping tape for tying and reliable fixing of various materials and loads (brick, paving, board, etc.).

PP tape has high strength and resistance to chemical and atmospheric actions, so it is often used outdoors in warehouses of finished products.

The company "Quota" offers a wide range of polypropylene packaging (or as they are called - bandage) tapes from 5 to 19 mm wide, 0.4 to 1 mm thick, the length of the tape in the bay from 1000 meters.

Polypropylene packing strapping tape

The main characteristics of PP tape:

  • economy and ease of use;
  • resistance to shock loads;
  • chemical resistance, elasticity;
  • does not pollute the environment;
  • not prone to corrosion and rot;
  • there is a possibility of reuse.

You may need additional equipment to work with the tapes. Therefore, we also offer:

  • metal clamps;
  • wire and polypropylene brackets;
  • safety universal angle;
  • polyester tapes 13-19 mm wide with high tear resistance;
  • tightening belt with tensioning device, tear resistance 0.5 tons.

Our company offers polypropylene bandage strapping tape of high quality and at an affordable price. We carefully monitor the production technology and guarantee the integrity of the use of our products.

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