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09 april 2014

NEW Catalogue 2014

We are pleased to inform you that the NEW 2014 EDITION of the CUMSA CATALOGUE is now available.

There are many NEW and INNOVATIVE product lines to be found that we would like to outline:

  • Our new VACUUMJET SYSTEM in section 5 – here you can find all the details of our full range of revolutionary vacuum products.
  • The new CORE CAM (UC) on page 1.12
  • The new SPRUNG CORE range (PX) and CUTTING JIG (CX) on page 2.04 + 2.05
  • Our extended range of HORIZONTAL and ADAPTABLE BASES (BD) on page 2.13
  • The AUTOMATIC DOG LIFTERS (DB, LD + LK) on pages 2.16 to 2.19
  • The SUPERIOR PLATE SEPARATOR (SX) on page 3.04
  • The COMPACT DOUBLE EJECTION (SY) on page 3.07
  • The PLATE RETAINER (PR) and STROKE LIMITER (SL) on page 3.09
  • The INTERNAL LATCH LOCK (MX) on page 3.11
  • Our new range of DATE STAMP PLUS (FP) and REMOVAL JIGS (EF) on page 4.06
  • The HIGH PRESSURE AIR VALVES (VH) on page 6.03

There have also been IMPROVEMENTS/MODIFICATIONS to some of our products:

  • On our ADJUSTED SLIDES (CA) and MINI SLIDES (MC) on pages 1.06 + 1.02 the groove has been removed, to allow customers the flexibility to place the groove where needed.
  • Our AUTOMATIC RETAINER (RA) on page 1.16 have been lengthened to 250mm

The following products have been REMOVED from the catalogue, and will only be supplied whilst stocks last:

  • Coring Unit (UP) and Core Pin (VF)
  • The largest Expandable Core (PE403220)
  • Housing Lifters (PC + PK)
  • Ejector Limiter (LE) and Angular Limiter (LA)
  • Ejector Guide Pin (GE) and Ejector Guide Bush (CE)
  • Water Fitting (MA) and Elbow Fitting (CU)
  • Spiral Inserts (RT) and Base Unit & Top (TT)


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