46, Podilska St.,Ternopil, Ukraine, +38-096-22-99-290
15 march 2022

Dear partners and colleagues,

Nowadays, except for peace, the crucial thing for us is to save jobs and provide our employees with work and salaries. Our whole team remained in Ukraine and work in order to provide their families with basic needs in the war time.

The thing you and your partners - mold producers - can do is to order from us/outsource services for 2D and 3D drawings for injection molds.

We have great experience both in designing and moulds manufacturing with hot run systems and with traditional ones.

In mould designing and production we have used CUMSA, Merkle elements, as well as hot runner systems from WadimPlast, Hasco and Elwik companies. We have started cooperation with Ermanno Balzi company and can use these elements in mold design as well.

You as well as other mold manufacturers can place an order for mold design, 2D and 3D drawings and we will send you our offer and will accomplish the task with the highest quality.

This would be a great help from your side and it would definitely help us to resist and win.

Best regards,
The KVOTA Company

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