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10 december 2020

Compact Coring Unit to perform small holes-details in the side walls of plastic parts. Both units are actuated with standard springs. 40kgs for UC and 7kgs for UA of retraction force. Stroke:

  1. UC: 4.5mm
  2. UA: 4mm

UC can be placed wherever in the mold while UA must be installed from the outside of the plate to be laterally attached.


  1. One plate installation, reduced space needed and vertical straight.
  2. Machining.
  3. No adjustment needed between core and cavity plates.
  4. UA is 100% accessible from the outside of the mold.
  5. Both units are replaceable and easy maintainable from the parting line.
  6. Independent device on the core plate, so the only adjusting required is.
  7. The pin.
  8. Standard Market springs used for easy maintenance and supply.

To receive more information about these and other CUMSA products, you can look at the catalogue on our website /en/ or contact us by phone: 096-22-99-290 (Viber)

Compact Coring Unit from Cumsa


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