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18 march 2021

We are happy to introduce another innovative solution from our Spanish partner CUMSA


  • Vertical lifter System designed to release deep undercuts, from 14mm up to 60mm, with draft angles from +35° to -55° with short ejection travels.
  • 8 different standard sizes to match any mold dimensions and its requirements.
  • Mirror versions available to simplify the mold/part design.
  • 3 ejection strokes: 100mm, 25mm and 200mm, to help reduce the mold height and create the shortest ejection stroke possible.
  • Useful to keep the mold dimensions and height as tight as possible.
  • The KR system has all the DR functionality but with internal circuits in the angle shaft to help cool the insert and reduce the cycle time.
  • The RF is a height regulator available for a +/-2mm easy adjusting.



  • The easiest, most versatile, and reliable way of releasing an undercut.
  • Eliminates the need for high-precision angle housings in the plates.
  • Big-time savings, 76% less working hours on the ejector set plates compared to traditional angle lifters.
  • Reduces ejection stroke 25-40% compared to traditional angle lifters.
  • More robust and consistent mold plates.
  • Allows using smaller injection machines to produce the same plastic part.


You can order this and other products by CUMSA by sending us an email at: kvotatr@gmail.com Our engineers would be happy to assist you.


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