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One of the priority areas for the development of the Ukrainian economy is integration into the world market. For this, domestic enterprises need to introduce the most modern technologies into production, as well as world-class standards. In line with this trend, the KVOTA company has chosen as the main direction of its activities the provision of technical assistance to Ukrainian enterprises that manufacture tooling for stamps and molds, and who want not only to enter foreign markets, but also to gain a foothold in them.

The form of this assistance is to promote the introduction of ISO-compliant normalized parts into production. The KVOTA company supplies consumers in Ukraine with normalized parts from FCPK BYTOW (Poland), which is part of the American Die Set Corporation (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA), which has over 90 years of experience in the manufacture of blocks for dies and bodies for molds. FCPK BYTOW itself is by far the largest manufacturer of this type of product in Poland. The company exports over 40% of its products to the USA, England, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Venezuela, as well as to Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania. Moreover, all FCPK BYTOW products are ISO 9001 certified.

- What does the use of iso norams give to the manufacture of tooling?

Our cooperation with Ukrainian companies has shown that ISO standards provide a number of advantages that increase production efficiency and the competitiveness of domestic tooling manufacturers in the world market.

These benefits are:

  • speed of tooling manufacturing;
  • high quality and reasonable price of components;
  • complete interchangeability;
  • long line work rig

The spectrum of normalized details is very wide:

  • ejectors are round, flat and tubular, hardened and nitrided, up to 1000 mm long, with a diameter of 0.8 mm and above, metric and inch versions;
  • case hardened, bronze and bronze coated guide bushings, self-lubricating with graphite inserts;
  • guide columns, cages, bolts, eyebolts, sprue bushings, springs, ball retainers, nipples, quick-release couplings, material identification signs, etc.

Currently, hot runner systems in molds are widely used in the world due to their high efficiency. The economic effect of their use consists of several components:

  • increasing the productivity of injection molding equipment by reducing the casting cycle;
  • reduction in raw material costs due to zero waste production;
  • elimination of costs for collection, storage and disposal of sprues.

The range of products supplied by our company includes:

  • hot runner blocks;
  • gating sleeves (nozzle-injector, nozzles);
  • heating cartridges;
  • thermocouples:
  • single and multichannel temperature regulators.

The experience of KVOTA's participation in specialized exhibitions, seminars and trainings held in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye, clearly showed both the current problems and the prospects for the development of tooling production in our country. The KVOTA team is actively working on solving the problems of the industry, in every possible way contributes to its development. We conduct classes and seminars, advise tool designers on the use of normals and hot runners, as well as present catalogs, libraries of normals for working in AutoCAD, Solid Works and Solid Enge.

KVOTA company designs and manufactures tooling based on ISO standards, including hot runner systems. In addition, the sales department of the company supplies spare parts and consumables for electrical discharge machines: wire (0, 10, ..., 0.25 mm), graphite, dielectric, filter, deionization resins, etc.


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