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The KVOTA company has started its activity in 1991.

An enterprise successfully cooperates with such international partners as:  

"CRC Industries Europe bvba" (England), "AJM ELECTRONICS" (Poland), "MILAR Sp.z o o" (Poland) – Ambersil brand facilities for greasing, cleaning and defence of the molds;
 "WOLCO" (Poland), AVC-SYSTEM (Poland) - ventilators, wire electro-erosive components and repair parts to the electro-erosive machine-tools;
 "CZAKI THERMO - PRODUCT" (Poland), "ELWIK" (Poland),"GC-HEAT" (Germany) - heating plates (delimiters), hobs, thermocouples, cartridges of heating, regulators of temperature et cetera;
 "SELS" (Poland) - sensors and other;
"BOTZIAN&KIRCH" (Germany) - polishing and grinding instrument.

One of the priority to develop Ukrainian economy is its integration into European and world markets. Based on this, there is a constant need to introduce into production a new advanced technology using the world standards.

The main mission of the KVOTA company is to help Ukrainian technological rigging producers/manufacturers to integrated into the global market through the introduction of standardized parts, that meet the requirements of ISO.    

We supply and sell standardized parts produced by the firm “FCPK BYTOW” (Poland), which is a part of the American corporation “Superior Die Set Corporation Company” (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA). The corporation is the leader in manufacturing of standardized parts and components for the molds and dies.

FCPK BYTOW is the largest producer of this type of production in Poland. More than 40 % of its production FCPK BYTOW exports to the United States, Germany, Finland Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia and Ukraine.


All production satisfies ISO 9002 certification.

What does application of ISO standards give to the producer of the technological rigging and die sets manufacturers? Our collaboration with the Ukrainian firms have already shown the advantages of the application of ISO standards in the production. Some of them are:

  • the speed of production and a significant reduction in production lead time;
  • high quality and moderate price;
  • complete interchanging;
  • a long rigging life.

The spectrum of the standardized details is very wide. Some of them are listed below:

  • round, flat and tubular ejectors tempered and nitrided, long up to 1000 mm with the diameter from 0,8 mm, of metrical and inch implementation;
  • directing hobs cemented, bronze and with bronze coverage,self-lubricating with graphite insertions;
  • directing columns, separators, screw-bolts, ring-bolts, sprue bushing, springs, posts, ball-shaped fixing, nipples, easily removable connections and others;
  • steel and aluminium plates (Fortal, Certal), units for the molds and dies;
  • hot-channel systems and components to them.

Satisfies ISO 9002 certification

We are permanent participants of the international specialized exhibitions ("Primus": Industry of Plastics", "Intertool", "Primus", "Mashprom", "Engineering of Kharkiv Region", "Engineering and Metallurgy"...). You are always welcomed to visit our booths!

The KVOTA company and FCPK BYTOW

Besides the distribution of standard parts and tools for lubrcation and conservation, we conduct studies and consultations to the technological rigging designers on the application of normals/standardised parts and introduction of the hot runner systems, and also provide catalogues on the standardized products and catalogues on interchanging of products of firm FCPK BYTOW with other famous firms which are producers of rigging.

The KVOTA company not only supplies normals to the dies and molds, but also designs and makes rigging on the base of ISO standards, including pates with the traditional and hot runner systems.

At the same time our sales department supplies the repair parts and expenditures to the electro-erosive machine-tools: wire (0,10 : 0,25 mm), graphite, dielectric, deionized resin, filters et cetera; facilities for greasing, cleaning and defence of the molds.; elements of the industrial heating and thermal ocontrol; sensors and industrial automation.

We are always open for the cooperation and will be happy to respond to all your questions per tel. +38-0352-43-49-25 or via e-mail: kvotatr@gmail.com

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