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Custom plastic injection molding of close-tolerance, small parts is an ideal solution for many industries that are looking to produce a high volume of precision quality parts.

Injection molding is by far the most versatile of all molding techniques. The presses used in this process vary in size and are rated based on pressure or tonnage. Larger machines can injection mold car parts. Smaller machines can produce very precise plastic parts for surgical applications. In addition, there are many types of plastic resins and additives that can be used in the injection molding process, increasing its flexibility for designers and engineers.

Low part cost along with resin and finish options have all contributed to injection molding’s popularity in today’s manufacturing landscape.

Here are top industries that have benefited from this manufacturing process:  

Food & Beverage

To ensure optimal safety and safeguard human health, the food and beverage industry requires that parts comply with many specifications, from BPA-free and nontoxic guidelines to FDA-certified and GMA-safe regulations. For plastic injection molding food service applications, various food grade materials are used in the process.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

In the medical & pharmaceutical device industry, quality is of the utmost importance. With one’s health and safety at hand, liability and full part traceability — from design to final inspection — are crucial when choosing a medical equipment parts manufacturer.

Engineering-grade plastic resins offer excellent mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, high-temperature resistance, and tolerances matching those of metal — all ideal features for the demanding nature of medical assemblies.


In addition to reducing part weight, material waste, lead-time, and overall cost, plastic injection molding also offers superior design flexibility.

For both the above-mentioned industries produced plastic details allow for significant cost reductions when used to replace higher-cost metal components and help eliminate the risk of rust and corrosion when used in certain environments. Unique features and benefits include:

- Redesigned parts minimize assembly and reduce costs

- Innovative use of high-reliability resins to replace metal components

- Plastic spring eliminates the possibility of rust or corrosion

Source: The Rodon Group



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