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Lubricatns from the trade mark AMBERSIL are important and intergal part of the manufacturing. Specially developed lubricants provide a disinfectant effect, kill harmful bacteria and pathogens, and do not leave traces.

The range of lubricants and preservatives is quite wide. Used in such industries as:

    • Automobile industry
Range of specialty chemicals for such major service categories as: brakes, electrical system, fuel system, engine, cooling system, transmission and drive train, and power steering system. Help increase productivity, prevent from corrosion, contamination and seizing.

    • Defence and aviation
Сleaners, lubricants and corrosion inhibitors for use during the manufacturing of air frame (fuselage) and power plant (engine), as well as, for maintenance in the aftermarket.
We offer a handful of niche cleaners, degreasers and corrosion inhibitor products with certifications that include: Rolls Royce Aerospace, AgustaWestland and other.

    • Electrotechnical industry
Lubricants, aerosols and coatings that help stand against high pulling forces, extreme temperature changes, wet weather and the damaging effects of time. 
The products are used for cleaning of contact blocks, switch cabinet, for preventing electrical malfunctions caused by water penetration, humidity, condensation or corrosion. They helps stop current leakage, protects, displaces, moisture, and cleans. Can be used to protect joints wrapped with vinyl electrical tape or splices that are subject to burial, extreme weather or moisture conditions. 

    • Food & Beverage
Food safety is a primary concern across the entire supply chain. Food processors and packaging manufacturers are tasked with keeping their plants running efficiently, while preventing contamination of their goods.
To help minimize the risk of various chemicals across all food processing and non - production areas, our partners have developed special range of lubricants that provide a disinfectant effect, kill harmful bacteria and pathogens, and do not leave traces.

    • Metalworking industry
Special lubricants prevent metal parts from fusing together due to rust built up. They also protect against galling, friction welds, or other friction-induced wear at the cutting surface. At high speeds the fluid primarily acts as a coolant, preventing thermal deformation. These products also enable better metalworking and help reduce friction to help extend tool life.

    • Plastics and rubber processing
The use of lubricants in the injection moulding industry helps maintain every part of the equipment at its maximum effectiveness. Decrease the total exploitation cost. Reduce unplanned idle times caused by technical malfunctions. Keep-clean performance and durability. Prevent from corrosion and contamination. Enable easier separation of plastic details from moulds.

    • Railway industry
Mild alkaline cleaners for use on the outer parts of trains and other parts of the rolling stock. Do not cause corrosion on metal surfaces of rubbers and elastomers. Fully biodegradable surfactants. All products are approved and certified by international railway organizations and associations.

    • Eco-friendly products
All products from this group are biodegradable, do not pollute the air and the environment, and are safe for people.
They quickly remove contaminants, degrease elements and equipment, have disinfectant and protective effect, kill harmful bacteria and pathogens, and increase efficiency of the process by removing rust and dirt.

All Ambersil products are subject to strict quality control at every stage of production. Customers using Ambersil lubricants can be sure that products will get good results for the first time and every time.


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