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12 may 2022

Even in hard times it’s important to learn, improve and move forward.

On Tuesday, we were hosting our partner and colleague Yuriy Chechailuk, the COO of the Ecosoft company – a water engineering company that for 30 years produces high-quality water filtration equipment for domestic, commercial, and industrial use.

A knowledge exchange about Lean and it’s implementation in the Ecosoft, as well, as about procedures and processes that have been improved after the Lean was introduced to the company were discussed.

Main insights that were taken from the meeting:

  • The initiative should come from the bottom to the top. Dialogue between employees and the manager is an opportunity both to improve processes and to develop both parties.
  • The more the company is open to innovations, new approaches and technology, the more efficient its activities and the better the cooperation with partners will be.
  • Lean is a philosophy that the whole company should share,
  • Small steps in improving processes and enriching company’s culture lead to better productivity, efficiency and better profits.
  • It is difficult to change, but it is interesting to change. New opportunities come with changes.

We are grateful to Mr. Chechailuk for this incredible and sincere meeting. The whole team is excited about our upcoming knowledge exchange on 5S.


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