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08 december 2021

Recent study Company’s Resilience: moving forward  was presented in Kyiv on November 30, 2021. The event was organized by One Philosophy Group of Companies (OPGC).

“Resilience is not just about surviving the crisis, but also about using the crisis as a breakout opportunity. Being resilient means becoming the best employer and partner, and becoming even more innovative and competitive."

The study includes 54 interviews with owners and CEO’s from various Ukrainian companies.

Although 2021 was second pandemic year, most owners and directors of companies are optimistic about financial and business results they are going to receive from the year 2021. For instance,

  • 75% of owners expect income growth,
  • 96% managed to implement some innovations in their business during 2021.

Interesting insights from the discussion:

  • Resilience is about making dreams come true. Being resilient is being aware of the long-term nature of the project/one’s business.
  • Doing business today is like doing wine. Good result/great harvest will ripen only on the 5-7th year. Meanwhile, one should be flexible and ready to change and adopt oneself to new circumstances.
  • Currently, all companies suffer from lack of human capital and professional workers.
  • In 2021, almost all companies invested more into personal and professional development of their people.
  • The team has to lead the company forward.
  • Companies with family values survive crises more easily. Values, corporate culture and innovations make it possible to survive any crises and pandemics.

Some quotes from speakers:

"If the team shares your values and has the same spirit as the CEO, then the company is strong to overcome any challenges." Dmytro Seroukhov, CEO at SkyUp Airlines.

"In order to survive during the stormy seas, one needs to have coalitions/partners, who have a similar attitude and viewpoint. With such partners it will be easier to do business in the times of crisis." Olesya Ostrovska-Lyuta, General Director at Mystetskyi Arsenal Museum.

“Everyone who is doing business in Ukraine lives in a constant crisis. Every entrepreneur constantly is learning how to adapt to new challenges. We are in so called eternal crisis, but these realities are also good drivers for business and for progress in the way we are doing it." Giorgi Iukuridze, CEO and co-founder of SHABO wine company.

“Resilience is a belief in oneself, in continuous development and improvement. It is the ability to admit mistakes and find new solutions. This is the desire to be the Change." Natalia Popovych, founder of One Philosophy Group of companies (OPGC.)

The research can be read here


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