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The variety of plastic parts we meet every day is very large, and every day there are more and more of them manufactured. Plastic products are used by more than 90% of the total population in the world, due to this plastic processing is developing very rapidly and new plastic injection technologies are emerging.

A huge role in the field of plastic injection process possesses such part of technological rigging as mold.

  • There are several steps to get your plastic product ready.
  • 1. Designing parts;
  • 2. Design of the mold according to the drawings;
  • 3. Production of mold;
  • 4. Checking the functionality and efficiency of the forming tool.
  • 5. Plastic injection.

Designing parts

All stages of molding part development are done by using software (CAD). CAD reduces time spent on development, reduces the percentage of design errors in the design of mold.

The mold designer makes a mathematical construction of the 3D model according to the information given him by customer.

To create a 3D model one must know important factors such as:

  • • the individuality of the product;
  • • material characteristics;
  • • details product optimization;

The end result of this stage will be model and product drawings. At this stage, the correct creation of the 3-D model will play an important role and can be used to evaluate the product and its molding.

Structure design of mold

When design of work piece is completed, the engineer begins preparing design of a mold.

The choice of standard parts and components for molds base are of a high importance. It depends on the strength of material of mold, the quality of molding surface, the ability to feed into processing of working parts and on the quality of future plastic product.

For correct mold operation, steels with a hardness of 30… 32 HRC are required, they can be used for the manufacturing of molding parts without heat treatment, these factors will greatly reduce the time of tooling manufacturing.

For correct work of a mold, we recommend to use components from such companies as: PROPLASTICA, Ampco, Hasco, GC-heat, а так же смазки фирмы AMBERSIL .

PROPLASTICA, Ampco, Hasco, GC-heat, Ambersil

Nowadays, molds with hot-runner systems are of a great demand. The use of hot-runner systems has many advantages. Among them;

  • • reduced time for plastic injection molding;
  • • reduced pressure in the mold;
  • • improved product quality;
  • • reduced cooling time and time of obtaining the finished product;
  • • low cost of a product.

There are also some disadvantages of using hot-runner systems. Especially,

  • • high price;
  • • difficulties in maintenance;
  • • some problems when working on secondary material.

You can read more about hot runner systems and use our articles :

eneral information on hot-channel systems

njection moulding with the hot runner systems

The structure of the mold thermostat should create proper distribution of thermal sides of the mold-forming levels of mold. It also should be segregated in order to reduce the time required to manufacture the plastic part.

Afterwards, a 3D model of a mold will be designed, and a set of technical documentation will be prepared.

Mold manufacturing, metal processing

A 3D draft of molding planes made by constructor is used to write programs and processing of the metal surfaces on a CNC machine.

Before final stage and manufacturing of the plastic part the assembly is done according to the product’s design and technical documentation. A testing of the mold is also undergone.

ПAfter installing the mold on injection molding machine, a testing is done. Main aim of testing is to collect information for future changes-corrections of surfaces, injection and ventilation systems, after these actions the mold is ready to be used in work.


The final stage of part manufacturing is injection molding. – At this stage, it is highly important to properly adjust the process of injection molding of plastic parts. A special manual On plastics processing: plastics mould.

Also to mention, the preparation of the process of injection molding of plastic parts involves a sequence of certain actions, which has been already described in the article here

Mold manufacturing, metal processing

The KVOTA company provides full cycle services, from product design and mold making to the molding of plastic parts. Examples of our molds can be found in the section Photos of our molds.

If you have any question, contact us + 38-096-22-99-290 (Viber) або по e-mail: kvotatr@gmail.com

The material is prepared based on: : Этапы производства пресс-форм

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