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The production of polymer containers (injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, etc.) requires the use of lubricants for lubrication, cleaning and protection of both tooling (molds) and equipment, and finished containers (lunch boxes etc.).

For more than 50 years, Ambersil lubricants have been well known on the market. They have ISO and NSF certificates, food safety certificates, SES conclusions, are safe for human health and the environment, which is especially important in the production of plastic containers for food products.

Their use improves equipment operation, prevents corrosion on molds, reduces the time spent on the separation of polymer containers, ensures quick cleaning of mold elements from contamination, and ensures their protection.

Ambersil products have a wide range of products, including certificates/approvals for incidental direct food contact (FG, NSF H1). Oils with FG (Food Grade)  are used by manufacturers in the FMCG and medical industries, especially where high sterility is required. Such lubricants contain a specially developed active ingredient that provides a disinfectant effect, kills harmful bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms. They degrease the surface, quickly remove dirt and evaporate without leaving residues, while protecting against corrosion and increasing the efficiency of equipment.

All Ambersil oils are available in sprays, cans or barrels. Ambersil can be used for both spot separation and lubrication as well as specialty lubrication systems such as hydraulic oil, compressor oil, general purpose grease or light anti-corrosion coating. Lubricants in aerosol form have special tubes for lubricating hard-to-reach places. They provide 360° spray and multi-angle lubrication. Such products eliminate sticking and sticking, perfectly remove sugar, glue, deposits, etc. residues.

  • For food manufacturers, the SUGAR REMOVER & INHIBITOR FG cleaner for removing sugar sediment is appropriate. It is a highly effective cleaning fluid that penetrates and removes sugar, fudge, vegetable sugar extracts and sugar derivatives from equipment surfaces, leaving a light lubricating film that prevents re-adhesion and makes equipment easier to clean. It is registered NSF H1 (#144180).

Ambersil lubricants are available in stock in Ukraine, and the range is replenished monthly. They are used by the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of polymeric containers for food, purification systems for water, beer and other drinks, as well as confectionery factories. The positive effect of the use of Ambersil lubricants already today allows manufacturers to increase the efficiency of technological processes and optimize the cost of maintaining production lines and equipment.

The KVOTA company, which has been operating in the polymer products market since 1991, is the official representative of the Ambersil brand in Ukraine and helps Ukrainian enterprises to integrate into the global market faster. We are also the leader in the Ukrainian market in providing services in the design and manufacture of molds, the supply of standard components for molds and dies.

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